Irene (enchantingheart) wrote in summer_of_bryan,

introducing myself

Hi, my name is Irene and I am from Rotterdam.
Completly new at LiveJournal, but a big Bryan Adams fan since the first concert I went to with my aunt in 1991. Ever since than I have been to all of his concerts in Rotterdam.
Usually once a year, but there was 2 years ago a big treat of 2 concerts.
This year however I am on holliday and that makes me really sad.
I have been to the Dutch fanclub meeting the past year, was fun.
What I like about Bryan is his no nonsence kind of playing. When you go to his concerts you feel like you are at BBQ at Bryan Swimming pool and you have a great time with him while his playing with his band. He is so down to earth and friendly and he just plays (wonderful) music. (Some artist just talk a lot to promote their music or their act seems more important than their music....or they feel they have a "diva" kind of way about them.

Any way enough about me. Just wanted to introduce myself.
I just can never keep it short.
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